Scan all blue words first?

I saw Steve doing it on a video, explaining his method when reading his ukrainian lessons. The first thing he does beforehand, is scan all blue words first, converting them in yellow. After that, he starts all over again and read the lesson, with no unknown words in it, just yellow words.

I have never done that until now. I was wondering if it could be a way to speed up my reading a little, not having to stop at every blue word, which can make you lose the grasp of the sentence you’re reading. Also, doing two passes means you read the new words twice, instead of one. On the other hand, my concern with this approach is that during the first pass, you read words outside context, therefore it can be boring, and this first pass in less good because you don’t put words in context while reading them, so you lose the emotional resonance of the reading. I have to say, I have never done flashcards, or Anki, or any list. The only thing I did outside context is learning kanji because I had to do it. But beside that, I tend to stay away from any activity that make you learn words consciously, if I may say. But in this case, it’s a gray zone I believe.

So I guess I’m wondering if, after all, will I save time & will I learn better that way or not? What’s your opinion?