Saving phrases or sentences doesnt work

I have trouble with saving sentences in the new Lingq.
The thing is, I have mobile only (no laptop or computer). When I want to save a sentence it marks the text to copy it.
Sometimes a word has related sentences, which then work but if I try to mark two or three words it tells me I can pick up to nine in order to use google translate. If I click on the message: nothing happens! It was fine with the old platform, so maybe you could reimplement this for all the ppl who dont own a computer :frowning:

Maybe it would be useful to mention which platform you are on and maybe even specify the device. I have an iOS phone and it works as intended for me on that. I have an Android device and it also works well on that, except some stuff that I am pretty sure is related to the device being a bit non-standard.

You are right. I use Kindle Fire hd. It’s sort of a tablet in an ebook reader. The browser is silk.
I will try android then, but I prefer the bigger screen for the eyes…

Are you using the browser reader on the tablet instead of the app? I did that too on a hybrid laptop-tablet that runs Windows and I also couldn’t make phrases. I don’t think they will change it since the browser reader is not intended for tablets.

anyway, can’t you use the app for android if that’s not what you have been using?

As far as I know there is no app for the tablet I’m using, and I cannot afford another one.
I can try using the app, but unfortunately, I have an eye condition so that long work on the phone strains my eyes, and I used to save a ton of phrases, I even do that while reading foreign books!

Thanks for the help!

Ok I never used a Kindle Fire. I just assumed it runs any normal Android app.