Saving my settings

I don’t seem to be able to save my settings, they are apparently saved, I get a message saying so, but if I open my profile page (I’ve tested 2 different browsers) I see no changes.

This is what I wanted: I have selected Portuguese and English as languages which I tutor. I’d like Portuguese to appear as default, is this possible? Is there any possibility to choose the order of the languages in the pull down? I checked other users and languages are nor ordered by name, but I couldn’t figure out how they are ordered.
I tried selecting Portuguese in first place, but I saw no changes. As an alternative, I removed English, but when I check my profile, it still shows English and Portuguese.

This should probably default to the language that the user is currently studying so that it’s relevant to whoever is viewing your profile. I have added this to our list and we’ll see what we can do. Thanks for bringing this up.