Sauve qui peut!

“Sauve qui peut!”
I found this interesting phrase in the last part of a book written by Uchida Tatsuru.

“Rette sich, wer kann!”
Does “retten sich” mean “escape?”

I cannot pronounce the French phrase. 「ソーブ・キ・プ」と内田樹の本には書いてあるのですが。

The verb “sich retten” means to save oneself. (Although you must always remember “Frauen und Kinder zuerst!”)

Oh, I am neither a lady nor a child.

That’s why you have to save them (us) first!

new word for me > every man for himself

“Every man for himself” is acceptable on the battle field. But in any other situation please remember to shout (and save) “Women and Children first!” .