Samsung Galaxy S6 lite for LingQ?

I want to get a tablet to make reading on LingQ more efortless than having to power up my laptop.

I think that I will buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022 edition). Does anyone have experience using this tablet for LingQ? Does it feel nice and smooth and is the LingQ app for android good?

I use the Galaxy Tab S8, and there are no special features of LingQ specifically for the tablet. The app’s interface is very similar to the desktop web interface. Yes, it is mostly as smooth as the website, although I find the website more convenient for some reason. Personally, I prefer studying from a laptop. I also use my phone to listen to course audio when I’m on the train or washing dishes. I might prefer using LingQ on a tablet only when I’m too lazy to get up and want to review lessons that I have already taken.

I have this tablet (2020 version) and it is a good product overall, but I was not too happy with the Lingq experience on Android. I find the app quite buggy at times and there are things about it that irritate me : tags not displaying properly, inability to delete tags, no button or swipe function to delete definitions.

I recently swapped it for an ipad and I definitely can tell the difference. It has all the missing functions I mentioned above and it is a much smoother experience in my opinion.

I find that the iOS app is better maintained and developed, probably because Steve owns an ipad and he doesn’t like bugs.

I would recommend you save a little more and get yourself an ipad. I picked a 2021 64GB one for around $250 a few weeks ago on Ebay.

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Thanks for the reply. I had also thought about the 2021 iPad.

I only really use LingQ to look up words / save definitions, so not any fancy features (for instance, not tags). On my Android phone, it seems like the Android app has all the features that I need.

When you say that LingQ on the iPad is a smoother experience, do you also mean that reading on LingQ feels less laggy than on the S6 Lite?

I prefer the iOS app overall: less bugs, easier to switch between dictionaries, better user experience.