Sample conversations

We are looking to provide sample conversations on the site so that potential participants can see what the conversations are like. Does anyone have any group or 1 on 1 conversations recorded that you could send us? It would be great to have them in a variety of languages. Thanks! Send them to support [at] lingq [dot] com. Don’t be shy! :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
I have a hint: Please make sure that participants, the tutor and the student, give there allowance.

correction: …that both participants …

I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately I am traveling or I could record some of my discussions with my tutors in Russian, Italian, German and Portuguese. Our tutors are really excellent. We should also show the discussion report.

I suggest you also show the level of the student! I have uploaded my conversation report and recording of my 1 on 1 with Vladimir, and if he is happy I can make it public. It’s just…well, you know…not at a very advanced level. But if you think it would encourage other beginners to hear a beginner’s conversation, then that’s fine by me.


We will probably post all the conversations we get on a page where they can be identified by type, language and level so that potential participants will be able to listen to something applicable to them. Your conversation sounds like it will be great!