Safari importing extension

when i’m trying to import a new video using safari extension i can’t find the icon + to add a new course.
it’s disappeared.
what can i do?

Hi Silvano,
Please make sure to install our new Safari extension from here: Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension!
and give it another try.

OK now i’m in serious trouble!.
I disinstalled the old extension. I can’t install your new extension because it required macOS 10.14 and i can’t install it.
Where can i get the old version of the extension ?

Here’s the link to old extension:

that link opens safari extension page but there isn’t any lingq extension.

Yes, Apple has discontinued their old extensions so you can no longer download the old one I’m afraid. I’m not sure if there is a manual way to install it. We will look into it. Are you able to use Chrome?

damn why i disintalled it!!!
i’m using Safari for all my web activities, if possible i don’t want use another browser only for importing in lingq.
pls try to check if someone has the old extension


I read in a previous thread that the extension is not working for Netflix with Safari, is that still true? Or has it been fixed?

It does work now. We have a new Safari extension which does support importing from Netflix. Here’s the link where you can get it: Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension!

The old extension link is now available at the bottom of the Extension page.

it doesn’t work . Safari is not able to install the old extension

Sorry, then. I guess Safari doesn’t allow the old extensions anymore. You will either have to update to a new browser or use Chrome or Firefox instead.