Safari import extension problem

Has anyone else had problems with the Safari extension for the Lingq importer? I get the error that the application needs to be installed in the /Applications directory.
I’m pretty sure that I’m opening it from the Applications folder as you can see in the pictures below, but I am new to Mac so maybe the problem is me… Tried a bunch of times and I’m always getting the same problem so would like to know if it’s a problem with the extension itself or just something I’m doing wrong. Grateful for any help. Thanks!

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You should have dragged and dropped that LingQ icon on the left inside the application folder. Then I think you click that application and it will ask you to add it to Safari and then I don’t remember.

I have it, it’s working. I just don’t use it because of the permissions but that’s another story.

That worked! Thank you so much

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