Hi everybody, I’ve just got a new Mac, but I can’t install the Safari extension on it., not even the old one.
I hace macOS Mojave 10.14.6
And my Safari version is 13.0.4 (14608.
When I get to the point shown in the screenshot, the extension doesn’t appear in Safari preferences with the rest

Appreciate the help guys :))

When you install the new extension does the LingQ icon/button not appear up beside the address bar? It won’t appear in the Extensions list since it’s not coming from the Mac Store. It is directly being downloaded from LingQ.

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No, it doesn’t :frowning: I’ve tried many times now, but makes nothing at all. Doesn’t appear in the address bar.

In Safari, when you go to Preferences, then the Extensions tab, do you see the LingQ extension there?

No, not there either.

It looks like you are trying to run the application from the disk image file. You need to drag the application into your Applications folder in Finder. Then, open it from there and it should work.

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SOLVED!!! I’m new in this mac’s world, so don’t blame me please. Thanks a lot :)))


We just updated the Safari extension so you should get the latest version. This will allow you to import from Netflix again.

Just a reminder that you do have to download and install the new extension again from our extension page here: Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension! to update it.