Sad news of Moses Mccormick's Death

This morning, I found out that one of the great polyglots, Moses Mccormick, Laoshu505000 died of a heart attack. I listened to his videos, and I was impressed and laughed of the good times that he and the others had. He will not be forgotten.


Wow I can’t believe this.

He was one of the first youtuber polyglot’s I watched a lot when I started. Sad to hear. I always enjoyed his videos.

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heart attack the man was what early 40’s? sad news though

Shocking news. Taken way too early. RIP. 願他一路好走…

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He died at age 39. He was close to his 40th birthday.

RIP Moses. You inspired many people.

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That’s terrible he was far too young!



He inspired me as well. Although I do not know him well, he makes me want to learn languages even more.

Me too. I laughed and smiled at his videos.

Oh My God… That was a terrible news. Unbelievable :cry:

It is sad news indeed. People are leaving the world very young. A huge loss in the polyglot world.

That’s really sad, he was a great guy and a great inspiration for many. Thanks for letting us know

I can’t even react properly to this. I have no words.


Very sad. His laugh was infectious. His passion for learning languages was so apparent in his videos, as was his fearless use of these languages with native speakers. Rest in Peace Moses.

One of the most impressive things about Moses is how, opposed to a lot of other well known polyglots, he wasn´t exactly born into a privileged life. It´s a lot easier to learn multiple languages if you are born in a fairly well to do and well educated family, who can help spark your interest, show you ways of learning and give you opportunities to travel. Moses was not born into such a situation, but he still found it in himself to enrich himself by learning languages and turned out to be very talented at it. He will remain an inspiration to many.


Though I only know him through his videos, he’s one of those rare few that can easily and genuinely build connections with almost everyone because he’s genuinely interested in doing so. While I try to avoid talking to people I don’t know, he’s out there fearlessly seeking it out, in dozens of foreign languages at that. That’s superhuman to me, regardless of what level he’s at in those languages. At the same age as me, it was definitely a shock to hear of his passing.

There is a gofundme page his family has set up to help with arrangements:

Help with homegoing services for Moses, organized by Susan Nushawn McCormick


When he first started to learn Mandarin, that actually helped to become the man that he is on his videos. It opened up new opportunities for him and used them effectively.

He sure wasn’t. It is amazing how he was able to overcome his background and become a highly recognizable polyglot in the community and in the world.