Russian WoW quests in LingQ

I made an add-on that makes it easy to get Russian language World of Warcraft quests into LingQ.

Russian WoW quests in LingQ

Not sure if there’s any interest, but if there is I could clean this add-on up a bit and share. Maybe I could make it work in other languages.


I used to play WoW a long time ago, to me the quests would be a great read. A lot of people would definitely find it useful.

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Me too! I played WoW more than 10 years ago, I was a Tauren Druid… oh the memories… does anybody have ideas about some fun, current games that would be useful to learn languages ? If they were free it would be even better :wink:

This is great - I’d love to know Japanese games that would work with this add on.

P.S. Your activity score is INSANE! wow.

I know for Japanese learners, Pokemon is quite popular.

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This as abseloutly fantastic! Wonderful job.
By all means please share it!
Been playing a bit of wow to learn russian but I really want the quests to go into LingQ so this would be perfect.

Hey southwl :),
thats a great thing! I would love to use that addon for learning french. Are you still using it?