Russian: What after Russian with Max?

Has anyone got any recommendations for YouTube content with subtitles after Russian with Max? I’m directly watching the videos on YouTube with Language Reactor. Watching dubbed content like Mr. Beast is a little too challenging at the moment, due to there being too many unknown words per subtitle, causing me to have to repeat subtitles too often.

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You might try Russian from Afar. He has subtitles.

You also might try Amazing Russian. No subtitles, but easy to understand lessons, and lots to choose from. If you import a video to Lingq and look at the transcript and go back to the YouTube it should make the Russian quite accessible.


Others with English Subtitles:

Russian with Dasha

Easy Russian Language School


It turns out I can watch Орёл и Решка without too much difficulty with Language Reactor.

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Are you studying Russian or Ukrainian?

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@vernmartin This TV series is in Russian. It’s just produced in Ukraine. It has like 27 seasons or something. The newer seasons have subtitles.

It seems that after Russian with Max, it’s possible to find some YouTube content for native speakers to watch with Language Reactor which isn’t too challenging (i.e. too many unknown words per subtitle line, cause you to keep rewinding it).

The link you posted seems to lead to nothing but Ukrainian. So I was wondering.

@vernmartin All the episodes I’ve watched were in Russian.

OK. I see that now. Thanks.