Russian vowel pronunciation (video lesson pilot)

Hey guys, I’ve made a video about the vowels in Russian

You can make any requests, I’ll make some more if you like it. Peace.

Hey Druid, this is great, thanks : )

Great production, great examples. I really like this kind of explanation, very useful. If you are looking for requests then I ( and probably other english natives) have trouble with consonants like ш/щ and р/рь.

And also some stressed/non-stressed case endings sound very similar to each other, such as:

новЫЙ - лудЕЙ - книгОЙ
плохОЙ - этОЙ

Some contrasting examples of these sounds would be great.

Thanks again.

Great stuff! Nicely presented!

duplicated deleted

Thanks, guys. Next video is gonna be about letters Ъ\Ь. May be the third one will be about endings. It’s more like vowels + Й