Russian Tutor

Looking for someone to help a beginner get started in speaking Russian. Any time weekdays - preferably during the morning or early afternoon(CET/Stockholm time).


We will be looking to increase the number of our tutors in all languages. What is your native language?


I completely misunderstood your question. I am studying Russian with our tutor Tana, and I very much recommend her. She speaks excellent English and is familiar with our system. I more or less started my Russian studies with LingQ a little over 2 years ago. I would be happy to talk to you on Skype to give you some advice and suggestions.

Sorry, I see it wasn’t totally clear that I was looking for a tutor. Okay I will check if Tana has any times that suit.

I’d love to talk to you on Skype and any tips would be definitely be appreciated. Like you I have a passion for languages and have experimented with a range a systems, but your system is what I’ve been looking for.

I have travelled for the last few years, although I am now resident in Sweden, and have been fortunate enough to acquire foundations in a few languages. I speak German and Swedish well and my French is okay but I’ve never quite gotten to the point of making that breakthrough where you know enough to feel comfortable - I’m sure you know what I mean.

I’ve been wanting to learn Russian for a long time and I already feel that I’m making progress after just a few days here on the site.

How many languages do you work on at one particular time - is it better to focus entirely on one? I plan on learning all the languages you have available here…although my first priority is making that breakthrough in French and getting my Russian to a point where I can start to read and talk well enough to acquire vocabulary more quickly.

Hi adrian,

I can help you with Russian which is my native language; in return you could help me with my English.
I am living in Germany now. My wife is a Russian teacher, and we can correct your Russian writing too.

Let me know if you are interested.

All members can set their profile to allow “friends” to see their Skypename and email . In this way they can set up language exchanges between members.

We think, however, that it is better for the LingQ community to set up language exchanges and writing correction through LingQ. This provides us with more events, including group events, that others can join and thereby more members get to know each other.

That is why we want to open up tutoring to more of our members. Junair, if you host a discussion for one hour you will earn 2000 points. It is only if you want to get paid in money that LingQ will take a fee for converting the points into cash.

If you or your wife want to be tutors at LingQ please let me know. And that goes for other members here as well.