Russian Translation

One of our members reported these issues with the Russian interface in the Library. Can any of you who are working on the Russian translation look at these suggestions and make any necessary changes in the translation tool? Thanks!

this picture accurately

“Видеть все” - wrong

“Просмотреть все” - true

but better!
“Показать все” - !!!


“Видеть все” - неверно

“Просмотреть все” - верно

а лучше!
“Показать все” - !!!

Here is the link again,

Mark, honestly, Russian translation is awful. Just awful. It is word-by-word translation. Like Google… As soon as I get normal Internet at home (my recent Internet connection is too expensive), I will re-translate it. By the way “English” at the list of languages is translated as “English - Russian”. So in Russian variant of a badge it is shown as “English - Russian”.

I don’t agree with you, Rosana. Russian translation is not awful, just not perfect.
It’s impossible to guees that
“see all”=> “Показать все” = “show all” !,
because this is not usual translation, this is translation of terms, special usages.
You can try to improve, but there will be always another perfectionalist who will say
that you are not perfect.

I used to be a translator of LingQ interface, and I was not sure what the phrase means, I always asked Mark.

And read, please, my message. I wrote that now I just don’t have normal Internet connection. Every page (I switched off showing images) loads for 15-40 seconds. I just can’t help to translate LingQ.

Hi Taras and Rasana,

There is no question that it is much easier to do the translation once you see the words in context. It can often be difficult when you just see the words in the translation tool. There is inevitably some refinement that needs to be done. I have fixed that one translation you mention, Rasana. I’ll upload it later today. It will be great when you get your new connection Rasana! The more hands finding and fixing these issues, the better. It will take a while to see all the text on the site in context. :wink:

That said I agree with Taras, that there are always criticisms of our translations. No matter we put up in different languages there will be someone who comes along and tells us we should change it. I am glad for the translations that our members give us. If we can improve, so much the better.

But translation should be translation, not word-by-word transliteration. It is quite normal to use other words and even other sentence structure, when you translate. When we - Vladimir and I - translated this site the first time, we had a thread we discussed difficult concepts like how to translate “Activity score” and “points” to Russian.

Steve, if you don’t believe me that Russian translation is awful, just change your native language at your profile to Russian, and go to community page. And you will see that friends’ activity messages are just word-by-word translation from English.
Hitomi только что подал 13 слова письменной работы для исправления (could be “hitomi только что отправил(а) на проверку письменную работу из 13 слов” – btw, “из xx слов” is much better, as it is always “из xx слов”: “из 22 слов”, “из 27 слов”, while “xx слова письменной работы” should agree with the number: “22 слова письменной работы”, “27 слов письменной работы”)
DavidMartin разместил комментарий на iraloiola’s wall (could be “DavidMartin написал(а) на стене…”).
leie92 разместил дискуссию Changement d’heure! Ноябрь 13, 6 п.п. - (French). (leie92 опубликовала дискуссию Changement d’heure! Ноябрь 13, 6 п.п.)

We don’t speak this way at all. Why I spend a lot of hours trying to find a proper phrase - still short and beautiful - when I translated this site the first time, tried to remember where this phrase is used, and made them agree with other phrases, and others just do useless work of word-by-word translation… Use google translator - it is faster.

Накопилось, извините.

Rasana, I did not mean to doubt what you said. Does it make sense to discuss some of the Russian translation that is not satisfactory on our Forum somewhere and then ask one of our Russian members who has a fast connection update them. I agree that bad translation is quite off-putting.

imho, --hmmm… not “humble” as I am rather (struck out) too tough there,–
it is better to do one time or do not at all, than redo it several times. Translating this site is really hard work, a lot of strings, many pages. If you do not translate a phrase the proper way at the first time it is quite hard to find it again. So, in my opinion, it is better not translate at all, just write suggestions. It is just easier to find strings without translation…

The search feature in the new Pootle translation tool is quite good now actually. You can search in both English and Russian.

Rasana, your English has improved immensely!

Search button should say “Искать” instead of “Поиск”, because “поиск” means search the noun. “Напечатать” (the button right below message forum, right on this page) should be “Добавить комментарий” (Add a comment) or “Оставить комментарий” (Leave a comment).

I only could figure out actual purpose of “Напечатать и отправить на проверку” link after inspecting name of the JavaScript function it triggers. If it was meant to be “ask your tutor”, then appropriate Russian translation is “Спросить преподавателя”. However, I’d rather use “Отправить на проверку” (Send for a review) there.

Hope this helps.

I’ve just left a comment here, and now updates feed at the right hand side says “Russian Translation пишет michaelklishin”. That should be at least “[So and so] написал в теме [Topic name]”: in past tense, with message author’s username before the verb.

Everywhere around the site minus sign (-) is used instead of (en) dash (–) and long (em) dash (—). I believe, it is important for a language learning community to pay attention to punctuation, too.

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Um, well. A few more corrections all on one skitch: Skitch | Evernote

Thank you, Michael. Please just keep posting these issues and one of our volunteer translators will hopefully be able to make these changes. Or, better yet, you could help us make these fixes yourself… :slight_smile: Every time you see something funny you can very quickly make the adjustment in the translation file. Same goes for any other Russian members who are not yet helping on the translation. We are happy to have all volunteers. Every little bit helps. If you’re interested email and I’ll send you instructions on how to do it.