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Like many Russian learners, I have been using a lot of Russian with Max content. I was thinking of getting a membership to his website and probably will to support him regardless. From what I know, the membership gives transcripts to all his podcasts. Has anybody got experience with these? Are they in a form easily importable into LingQ?

Edit: for anyone who maybe finds this later, I now pay for his membership program on his website and I find it is indeed possible to get the transcripts of the podcasts (not just the YouTube videos) in a form that is easily importable into LingQ. On the website you can get the transcripts as pdfs which is not ideal but also just as plain text.


You can of course support him, but if you just want the transcripts for the Youtube videos, the subtitles are available in Russian, so you can download to LingQ.


Yeah Russian with Max is epic. Like Atlan said: you can just import from youtube into lingq. But yeah, it might be worth supporting him directly, his stuff is great.

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I already do that. Reading the transcripts of his videos is often my main activity on LingQ. However, I was talking about his podcasts. He has longer podcasts that are really good listening practice. They are free but the transcripts are part of his membership program. I think I’ll just get the program and see. Worst that happens is he gets a bit of my cash for all his hard work.

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As I commented below, I was talking about his podcasts and not his videos. His stuff is great.

Anyone thinking of importing Max’s YT videos, note that most of them do not have a license that would allow you to make them public here. Some of his earlier videos have a CC license, but it doesn’t appear that he continued that. Correct me if I’m wrong. Otherwise, if you want to respect and support his work, respect his IP rights.



On a side-note, Max is also the host of the Russian LingQ Podcast, which includes transcripts. He’s great!


I used to listen to Russian with Max but I have since improved to the point that his podcasts are too easy. I’m looking to find other Russian podcasts which are a little more difficult but which also contain subtitles. Can anyone recommend?

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you should probably delete this comment

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On what basis?

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you asked this question on a separate post and it comes off as rude to the original poster

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There is no logic in your statement, we are a community of language learners and if a separate post exists which has been re-posted on a reply simply to get broader visibility then I don’t see the issue. I make no apologies for trying to ensure like minded people see my post. Some people have too much time on their hands clearly.


В этом форуме следует писать только по-русски!

I know this was written some time ago but here are some thoughts from me. First of all, if you are considering buying the podcast transcript packs, you can access the membership deal from here…

I bought the membership lesson pack one which has 2 huge folders with the following:

Folder One contains 20 sub-folders and each subfolder contains:

  • 1 - 2 short stories in every sub-folder - pdf (reading practice)
  • Short story mp3 (listening practice)
  • Listen & Respond mp3 (speaking practice)
  • Comments & Vocab mp3 (discussion of words used)
    Folder Two contains the following:
  • Podcasts 1 - 30 from the long running series ‘Russian with Max Podcasts’
  • Transcript for each podcast
    I bought it ages ago and found it a bit overwhelming to be honest, there was so much in the zip file! After joining Lingq, I was able to upload the transcripts and mp3s with ease. The only thing I don’t love is synchronizing the audio with the transcript which takes ages… ‘Generate timestamps’ is a phrase to be feared…

I wish the following options were available:

  • EITHER Max would just upload all his stuff on here and we could access everything. In fact, I wish all podcasters could do the same and get some payment for it. Then we wouldn’t have to sign up to ‘Patreon’ as well as Lingq. They could upload their own stuff and then it would be ready and synced for customers. I think there’s a business idea in there LingQ :slight_smile:
  • OR those of us who paid Max for the pack can collectively share our uploaded lesson without breaching copyright, so we are not all repeating the same thing.
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If you are still looking for podcasts, BBC Russian Service “Что это было” and Meduza “Что случилось” both have good news podcasts, the BBC one tends to focus on Russia/Ukraine, but they have authentic conversations between host and guests.