Russian Text-to-Speech issue on Safari iPad iOS12

After updating to iOS12, in on Safari the voice for “text-to-speech” is not “Russian”, not the “default” Milena, for instance, but an English speaking female voice, who reads the Russian words as if they were English ones. This is only in Safari, on iPad (not in Safari on a Macbook Pro, where the voice is OK); the Lingq app is OK, no such problem. I’ve tried to reset the Russian voice in Settings, no use. Can you help me, please ? I prefer to work on Safari… Other websites on Safari “sound” Russian, maybe it’s a setting in website which was modified by the updating of the iPad… Thank you.

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Our team is looking into it and we hope to have it solved soon. Thanks for your patience!

Thank you, Zoran, I look forward to your good news !

No fix yet ? Thank you, I’m still waiting.

Please, just tell me if something can be done for this annoying issue. The same English sounding female voice continues to read all the words I click on in my Russian text, pronouncing everything brutally a l’anglaise ! I’m really sad about it. Could you please fix this problem ? PLEASE !

Please, no answer yet ???

We figured this out and we hope to have the fix on production within next 24 hours. Thanks for your patience.

I’m waiting for the promised fix, please, make it happen.


If it was not clear from my previous post, I tell you again that the English-speaking voice continues to read my Russian lessons in Safari iPad, despite the promised fix of this horrible bug you told me about a week ago. Please, do something.

I am very sorry! The issue seems to be lot more complicated than we expected. We fixed it already for some devices but we really hope to have this completely fixed within next day or two.
I understand this is frustrating issue, and I assure you that we are seriously looking for a solution.

I don’t have an English speaking voice on my iPad nor on my iPhone, both with IOS 12. Could this strange phenomenon depend on the country in which each of us live?

Are you using Lingq on Safari or on the App, on iPad ? In the Lingq app, I don’t have the English-sounding voice reading the Russian words, only on Safari, on iPad. I don’t have this issue on Safari on Macbook Pro.

PS. Until the IOS 12 uptade, everything was OK on all the Apple devices.

I’m using the app. Why do you use Lingq on Safari on the iPad?

I prefer to use it on Safari, I have some online Russian dictionaries and websites I like to check during my lessons on lingq. And Comments section too, inside the lingq website. I use the app on my iphone and ipod, or when I’m not at home.

What is the news report regarding the Text-to-Speech issue in Safari iOS 12, for Russian words ? Please, no fix yet ?

This issue should be finally fixed now. Sorry about it taking so long, but it was very tricky issue and took some time to figure it out.

It is only partially fixed. 1) The voice is not the default Milena’s and neither another one from the available Russian voices on iPad. It is a female voice, rather barking I could say and not reacting very promptly to the click on the word. 2) If I choose another Russian voice, it gets changed on all other websites in Russian, but not on , where the same voice persists reading my Russian lessons. 3) Often, this same voice doesn’ t talk at all, I mean no word is clickable, no text-to-speech sound. So annoying ! Could you try again to fix these issues, please ?

This is just to kindly remind you that the issue I mentioned 2 weeks and 5 days ago in this thread persists. Nothing changed, it is very annoying.