Russian speakers: can you sense check this?

Hi folks,
I can understand about 60-70% of this and have a pretty good gist of what they are saying. (Trying to track my progress by looking up from studying once a week).
Can someone rate this and tell me roughly what level it is at? (a0,a1,b1 etc)?

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Roughly, any thing about Russia is somewhere between Kaliningrad and Vladivostok :smiley:
More precisely I replied on your wall.

I’d say a2-ish in vocabulary. Low B1 at most. I love the Finnish accent, btw :smiley:

Thank you. It’s the first time I have almost understood something that is not TPRS or LingQ assisted. Some kind of progress.
Gives me a psychological boost to work a bit harder the rest of the month.
Anyhow, thanks for the assist.


Thank you. My own guess (not that I know what I’m talking about) was A2 ish because of where I’m at with word count.
I have 900 words mature, 1700 word “in progress” from the top 2000 frequency list and about 400 words from the first 10 lingQ mini stories. Allegedly that puts me at about 70% solid understanding of the A2 list and weak understanding of the second half of the B1 list. I wondered what that would work out to in practice.

That said, I’m super pleased that I found something I could almost understand without a crutch.

Funny you can hear the Finnish accent lol.

Yes, the accent is slight but clear. :slight_smile:
Congratulations, it’s a great achievement. You’re certainly on the right track

I’m glad to help!

Gives me a psychological boost

Crucial thing, by the way. For that matter I thoroughly chose consumable chunks of material, so that I could have something done at the end of each round of studying.
I also love that feeling of understanding, like what? it was impossible just a month ago, what else am I capable of and how much responsibility should I have to harness that amount of power?!?

Isn’t it such a great feeling?
I’m especially happy because trying to learn Russian is kind of an experiment based on a hypothesis I came up with after reading what a bunch of different polyglots have to say.
It seems to be, much to my surprise, that I was right and my hypothesis is working.


Seems beginner to intermediate.

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Thank you

Russian is my native language.
this conversation is pretty free flowing .
Finnish woman has an accent.
I would say at least B1

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It is!