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Is there a plan to get the new Russian podcasts that are being created added here? Her site only has transcripts for the dialogs, but the transcripts here are for the whole podcasts. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of material at the upper intermediate level, so it would be nice if those podcasts get added.

I don’t know which podcasts you are referring to.

For upper intermediate level, you can also import material on your own, from places like Echo Moskvi. It depends on your interests of course.


on lingQ:

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For Echo Moskvi, is there an easier way to find articles with audio, where the text covers all of the audio, than just opening stories one at a time at random?

For the podcast you would have to contact the provider, Solena, on her wall. She is an excellent tutor by the way.

For Echo Moskvi there are lots of interviews everyday. I just select the audio of those that interest me, and download them to iTunes for listening. The transcripts are verbatim. I choose the ones that interest me and import them into LingQ. Each interview is 40 minutes or so long, so one or two a day is all I can handle.

I really don’t understand what you mean by easier way.

I strongly believe that the most difficult to start with Russian that’s why I make my podcasts for Lingq first of all to the beginners to facilate their learning.
THe upper intermediate students can find a lot of podcasts in the Internet according to their interests.
Allthough I give some podcasts and lessons also for Intemediate I and II, like:

  1. Страницы истории России -here is the link:
    Login - LingQ
  2. Советы учителя
    3.День за днём - here is the link, a lot of these little podcasts are about the politics and culture:
    Login - LingQ
  3. Русские народные песни и романсы
  4. Русский для продвинутых
  5. Новый русский подкаст - it’s a collection of my interviews with Steve about different sides of the modern Russian life, here is the the link:
    Login - LingQ
    и Разговоры с Евгением
  6. Рассказы о России
  7. Русские писатели
    Если вас что-то устраивает можете пользоваться.
    If you are an advanced student you can find a lot of works of Russian writers that I shared:
    А. Чехов, Дом с мезонином и Юмористические рассказы
    А. Пушкин, Евгений Онегин и подборка стихов “Мой Пушкин”
    Ф. Достоевский Скверный анекдот
    Сказки М. Салтыкова-Щедрина, Сказки и истории Г. Андерсена
    И. Тургенев Записки охотника и Стихотворения в прозе
    Н. Гоголь Портрет.
    Good luck with Russian!

Hi Evgueny, I agree with you that Russian is hard to begin with. I also agree that your material for intermediate and more advanced learners is great and should be of interest to Wulfgar, who is looking for upper intermediate material.

I’ve done all 100 lessons of Tatiana’s, in lingQ. They are 10-20 min each, so that’s quite a bit of material. Excellent lessons. Maybe my level is lower than I stated; I won’t argue with that. But there is definitely a gap at my current level. By this I mean that there are very few lessons available to me at lingQ which have less than 25% unknown words, and most of those are very short.

But maybe I’m searching wrong. The only boxes I have ticked are Lessons, and all the “new word percent” except for “> 25%”

There are short (2-5 minute) news articles on echo moscow. Even if they have over 25% unknown words for you initially, they are still short enough listen on repeat and eventually understand.

@Wulfgar: The search on LingQ doesn’t work well. I’ve recognized this too. Please try to tick “Advanced 1” and “>25%”. Then “Advanced 2” and “>25%”. If you like you can do this with the intermediate levels as well. Look if you get some results.

thanks Veral - Glad i’m not the only one having trouble with it

I also have problems searching the library. When I search for articles by a particular content provider, I frequently get inconsistent results.

Wulfgar. Yes, the Search for lessons here is extremely frusttrating.

Which series by Tatiana do you mean? Русский подкаст series (by Solena) is solidly intermediate–you may enjoy them too.

there is a very interestin collection “Перчёный Питер” - for russian people too
Перченый Питер/ Павел Перец / Программа на - cтраница 4

I agree that the Search in the library is not ideal. This is a very complex problem. I can assure you we have tried to make it better and simpler. But maybe we need a different approach.

I would welcome suggestions on how things could be improved, although I con’t promise when we can get to it. Please feel free to think outside the box.

Wulfgar, Oh . . . I see we’re talking about the same podcasts. I apologize for not reading more closely. They are good–obviously I agree 100%. If Solena is not interested in importing them herself, you might import them for your private use and make a transcription, which would be a great exercise (i.e., “learning experience”), although rather tedious.

There is a set of podcasts from a different source that you may find to be just about as good. Actually, it is two series. These have complete transcriptions, which are not free to download, unlike the audio, which is, but their cost is very reasonable. The “beginners’” series is not much easier than the set “для всех.” You might consider importing these privately to LingQ. Myself, I just download the audio, and figure that when there are 10 lessons for which a transcription would help, I’ll order a set.

evgueny40’s podcasts are very good–I agree w/ Steve completely on that subj. It seems to me that they are rather more advanced than those mentioned above, but with careful listening they become easier (of course). “Day after day” and the historical articles are good upper-intermediate material (it seems to me). This is an excellent place to start with them: Login - LingQ

Steve, There’s no question that database queries can be difficult to handle. It would be tough to “think outside the box” without seeing what the box looks like, however. My only thought, here, is that so much of the site seems overly ambitious. Perhaps simpler is better for now.

Alenika, These are very nicely recorded and there are transcripts. Hooray! But they are quite difficult. For instance, Бомбистский Петербург requires more knowledge of history and of modern Russia than I have. But with the transcripts it will be possible to look up most of what I need to know. I’ll learn something. So–difficult but very interesting and worthwhile. Thank you!

Ernie, I know it is the very difficult materials,but really very interesting. They are written with a good sense of humar.

Alenika, I am not saying that I will not listen to them, but just that they are quite advanced. They look very worthwhile. For learners sometimes humor is not evident at first, and I’ll keep the idea of humor and/or irony in mind when I listen. Thanks very much for the link.

@ Ernie

Maybe I’m being stupid (or lazy, but stupid is more likely : ) ) , but I can’t see the transcripts for the “Перченый Питер” podcasts? Can you point me in the right direction ? Thanks

Edit: Turns out I am stupid and missed the big red writing for the text version- problem solved, transcript found : )