Russian podcast by Olena

Hi there,

I am unable to find Russian podcast by Olena. I can’t even find my friends when I open the page. I feel totally lost. Thank you for help!


Hi Zuzana,

Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Do you mean you don’t see the friends you follow on your profile page? I’m looking for the podcasts by Olena, but I don’t see that name listed as a provider. Might the provider have a different name?


It seems the number of her shared Russian lessons decreased. Let us ask her the reasons.

I know that Olena = SOLENA lives in California now and is busy, but I was trying to get to the collection she had transcribed (using podcast of Tatyana Klimova) and couldn’t find it. I guess I can’t quite work with the new set up.

Exactly, I don’t see the names of those who follow me (or I follow) so that I am unable to contact them if there’s a need to do so. Olena is actually using the name - SOLENA.

Interesting, I’ve always had trouble with this series with them loading. I always thought it was just another bug. It seems like they’re gone from my system all together as well.

If anything, I can try to help piece them back together. I’ll download the lessons from the original site, give a donation to the creator, then transcribe them! Maybe some experienced people can help me! :smiley:

I don’t see any problems from my end. They appear to still be here:

Here’s a sample lesson:

Maybe the problem is the searching technique? The library used to be really hard to search; not sure if that’s still the case.

The library search of LingQ is a mess. It doesn’t work and it drives me crazy. The problems exist now for several years. The problems started when LingQ decided to show 10 or 20 pages only. I can’t remember the exact number. From that time on searching is a pain. Often I get no results when I know there must be an result. Also it would be helpful if the search gives the option to search for lesson and course titles only. Other searches could include lesson remarks and/or content.

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It really is a mess. It’s difficult for me to use the site to the full potential if I can’t search for content. I can’t filter out people, and perhaps a category system (I don’t consider the check boxes to count) or some guide to encourage you look for new content.

I’m enjoying LingQ 4.0 even more now, but the library would REALLY compliment the new reader. I understand the developers work hard everyday to fix problems and address them, so we really do appreciate what you guys do here!

Thank you for the link. It worked when I clicked on it, but there is no way I can click “next lesson” to continue reviewing all the podcasts that Solena transcribed. However, every time I finish working, it only shows “new course,” and when I click on that, I have to start searching for the podcasts again. It really does not work the way it did before. When I started using Solena’s podcasts, it was very easy to get from one lesson to the next one. I get very discouraged now, because it is quite difficult to find anything. It was much easier when I started working in your site.

This looks like all the lessons in this podcast are private and not shared in the library.

If you click on the first link from Wulfgar you see that there are no public lessons in the podcasts. You could ask Solena what has happened.

Thank you, Veral, I will try that later. But I doubt that she changed anything and the lessons were not private. I can easily get on Klimova’s site to listen to the podcasts, but I liked it the way Olena transcribed it (she added more text).

I also don’t understand why fixing the library search function seems to be such a low priority. As Veral says, it’s been really bad for years.