Russian Phonics

Have you watched this TED video on language vocalization?

In order to construct a voice synthesizer, vocal experts record all the types of phonics for a language… and I thought "Wow - Is there a list of all the phonics (all the combinations of sounds that occur in the russian language) that are used in Russian?

It would be a great resource for practicing both reading and speaking. I have a problem forming some of the russian sound combinations that are common in Russian and such a list would be excellent for prioritizing my studies and developing good drills to improve my Russian phonics .

I’ve often thought it would be useful to have a paragraph in any language that contained all the sound combinations that the language allowed. Learning to copy it would mean you could pronounce anything in the language.

I searched a while ago for something like this in Russian, but never found anything worthwhile. At the moment you are maybe best off just copying the natural language you hear in lessons and on TV.

The wiki article does cover the consonant clusters and gives the phonotactic combinations found in Russian, with example words… you might use that to write something for a native to record, and for you to copy?

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Have you watched this TED video on language vocalization?
Rupal Patel: How Do You Construct A Voice? : NPR

Where can I find the software which is able to transform my “pink noise” into a speach with any language with any predefined accent? :slight_smile: