Russian library experience for newbies

I decided to start on Russian today. I know zero alphabet and zero words, but remembered that Evgueny had alphabet lessons, so I thought, why bother waiting until learning the alphabet before starting…

Now, not complaining or anything ^^, but first impression of the Russian library wasn’t the greatest. Now, I’m a happy LingQer, but what about newcomers to LingQ? I’m thinking about their experience…

I clicked on the +New Course tab on the blank learning page, which presented some courses for Beginner 1 - so far, so good. But after choosing Russian From Scratch, the lessons displayed randomly, even with ‘Sort’ set to 1,2,3…The only way I could find the first lesson amongst the soup of mixed lessons and page tabs was to copy and paste in РУССКИЙ С НУЛЯ from the lesson header into the top search bar and add a ‘1’. This brought up, ‘Russian letters’, which logically had to be the first lesson (but no number).

Same thing happened for the First Steps series. Except, when I pasted in ПЕРВЫЕ ШАГИ 1, I ended up with lesson 114 on the left. Lucky for me, the lesson on the right happened to be the first lesson, though the blue New Words tab obscured the lesson number.

Is it just me, or is the library not too user-friendly for newbies? Just sayin’…

Thanks, Julie, that you’ve paid arrention to it, but it happens last 3-5 days also with the courses in different languages in the library, and it’s especielly difficult for the newcomers.
By the way, you can find The russian alphabet (Cyriillic) also in my new course for beginners in Russian НАЧНЁМ!(Let’s go!), lessons 1-4 where I explain in English how all Russian letters sound.
Good luck in Russian!

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Thank you very much Evgueny. I can’t seem to find the НАЧНЁМ!(Let’s go!) yet, but I’ll keep trying.

Julie, here is the link to the first lessons of the course НАЧНЁМ!(Let’sd go) and by pressinx ‘next lesson’ you can open the others:

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