Russian Learners, You Can Now Import Media from 3ears

If you’re learning Russian, good news. You can use LingQ’s import extension to import content from 3ears - learn a Language with interactive transcripts

For a complete guide on importing content into LingQ, please see this post:
The Complete Guide to Importing on LingQ - LingQ Blog


Umm - wow! This is awesome - thanks. How wonderful!

:slight_smile: If you know any good Russian content, please let us know.

Great to hear that. Good job.


This is a useful possibility! But I noticed that every time I imported a lesson from 3ears, the last sentence was missing. I had to copy the last sentence and then import it manually through the edit lesson function.
This last sentence was then added directly on the same line as the previous sentence. I’d like to put it under the previous sentence as it was in 3ears, but I seem to have no power over the structure of the page in LINGQ. Ias there a way to influence this structure?

Als iemand wil help met Russische taal. Ben ik aan jou service.

Dat is aardig van je, Murat! Ik zal aan je denken als ik hulp nodig heb!