Russian first lesson - too fast

I think the very first lesson in the russian is spoken too fast. Sure, I know the point is to learn the language as spoken, but still the very first few lessons could go a little slower, especially since oe needs to get used to the new alphabet.

I started with Whi is She and found it fast at first. After listening many times I got more and more of it. You do need to get it all.

Sometimes our content providers also do a slow version but that is not always the case. Some people use Audacity to slow things down. I think that you will get used to the speed.

Yeah, I am sure I will. But I can imagine how someone with a lot less experience & motivation than I have would be totally turned off. You do not want this in the very first lesson!

I mean - this seems like a really great site and I am very impressed! (My wife is hungarian and teaches ESL and Russian, reads french and spanish - I speak FR & ES (tho badly) and know a little HU and EE)

However, To be honest, especially the first few lessons - maybe just 2 or 3, should have line by line - perhaps even word by word - speaking with slowed down version. This is especially true (as I mentioned) for those where the lang is exceptionally foreign.

If you make it too difficult then people will just turn away! and I don’t think that this is what you what.

Anyway - I am looking forward to continuing.

When I started Chinese in the late 60s we had a series of dialogues read so fast that we thought they were torturing us on purpose. After a while we were used to them.

Still you make a good point. Alsuvi, in Spanish has created a number of lessons, including the Who is She series, with both a normal speed and slow speed recording. This is great. Listening to both really improves our ability to notice.

We depend on our members to create content. I will see if I can induce some of them to create slow recordings of beginner content. After all these would probably be popular and earn lots of points for the providers.

I just ran through the alphabet lessons by Cakypa. I have to say - she was perfect in tempo. You should have her do a slowed down version.

At the risk of being redundant repetitious and repetitive (not to mention a bore) I really think you need to help the typical beginner through the first steps just a little. It does not help that YOU know that the student will eventually get it. Or even that I know it. It is that easily intimidated person trying this out on a whim….

Anyway - the play Viva Don Juan at Teatro Milagro ( tonight was a gas. Too bad you will miss it. And - if you are an englishman as I gather may be the case - oddly enough, one of your compatriots was the star role! (BTW - I did the video trailer for it) :slight_smile:



I am not English, live a little to the north of you in Vancouver, although I am in Italy right now.

Your group in Portland looks like fun.

I suggest you start creating some LingQs in Russian and Spanish. When I did Russian at LingQ I created so many LingQs that within 3 years I had over 30,000 saved LingQs and 60,000 known words in Russian, and had no trouble with normal speed radio and audio books.

Don’t focus too much on the beginning of the journey.

But by all means ask Rasana and others to create slower versions of our beginner content. If they have the time, I am sure they will.

If you are in V. (I assume WA not BC?) then you should come to some of the plays there. They are typically quite good.

Is there another Vancouver other than BC?

Yes, Steve. There’s another Vancouver about 500 kilometers to the south of us in Washington. It’s just a stone’s throw away from Portland.

I know Alex, it is just that compared to OUR Vancouver, does another one really exist?


Vancouver BC is a pretty nice city. But from Portland, as it is just across the river, we usually assume the more modest community.

I guess you will just need to rent a hotel when you come down to the theater. Give you an opportunity to experience some of our many, and famous, brew pubs. :slight_smile:

the first lesson was fine for me. id like to listen always to a normal pace of conversation and adapt to hearing it that way. i had to pause after some words to process the sound in my head, but the second, third, fourth and fifth time around listening to them it was easy

What topics are you interested in? I have long wanted to try to write the initial level, but I’ll never know what topics are interesting to foreigners:)

I think the intro is OK - only that the delivery is too fast for first time users. I have always been told that I pick up pronunciation very well, but I need to have things spoken slowly. at least at first. I may have issue with hearing and discriminating sounds.

Harrington, above, thought it was fine, and I can see that different people have different needs.

I also wish that the system as a whole would allow the user to make a selection of a sentence or phrase, and have the system speak that section alone. But that is not your area.

Spacibo for following through on this. :slight_smile: