Russian espionage terms?

I was reading Shaun Walker’s article on the deep-cover Russian agents discovered a few years ago in the US and suddenly realized I didn’t know how to translate a spy’s ‘cover-story’ or other spy jargon like ‘dead-drop’ into Russian. So does anyone have some recommendations for Russian language spy stories? I enjoy both John Le Carré and non fiction spy stories so either fiction or non-fiction is fine.

By the way, oh so typical that Canada gets used as a staging area, it would be nice if we could develop a counter-intelligence agency that actually functioned…

I think you may be interested in this Штирлиц — Википедия
Stierlitz - Wikipedia


A lot of novels by Yulian Semenov are the examples of Russian spy novels.
Try to find them in the Internet.

Thanks to both of you!