Russian Dictionary

Since Yandex is no longer a dictionary option for us, which dictionary have you guys that are learning Russian been using? I am weary of Google Translate, particularly when I translate 3 or more words at a time, and I don’t know about Babylon.

I use only wiktionary online.

Yandex Translate is better, generally, than Google Translate for Russian, IMO. That should not come as a surprise. And, yes, Wiktionary often is superior if it has the word you need, though it’s not tied into LIngq AFAIK.

Yeah, Yandex is pretty good. I would expect that for a Russian company. I’ll check out Wiktionary too. The question is, how can you put these as the default dictionaries?

I usually use Pons as default dictionary. For very rare expressions and slang words I rely on wiktionary or (in difficult cases) my wife :wink:

There is a selection to edit settings in the View Dictionary pull-down, at least in the Quick Lingq mode. Of those you have enabled, the last one you’ve used is the default if you don’t use the pull-down to select another when looking up a word.

You can set the default in the Android app, presumably iphone also, though I don’t recall how I did that. Can’t be too hard if I found it.

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