Russian dictionary Rambler

Hi Mark

Rambler is an amazing russian dictionary. He not only gives translation in several other languages but you also have the possibility to listen to the pronunciation. I suggest putting it to the dictionary list.

Рамблер/новости, почта и поиск — медийный портал: новости России и мира, электронная почта, погода, развлекательные и коммуникационные сервисы. Новости сегодня и сейчас you mean. I will pass this on. It looks great!

Hoping to add this within the week, lots of stuff to do right now. I can’t wait myself.

I have added rambler now for a variety of language combinations.

A great dictionary! Thanks.

Perfect! Thank you

Where do you get the pronunciation on Rambler? I could be very excited about that option!

Rambler’s pronunciation appears with the definition of the word.