Russian Conversations

I see very little activity in the Russian sections of the site. I am planning to get serious and begin signing up for points to do conversations and writing (along with actually using LingQ daily…) - is this lack of Russian conversations because no one else is signing up? Anna is still with us, right? I’d like to know before spending the money on points :stuck_out_tongue:

Anna has actually just left on maternity leave as she is due any day now. Therefore, we are actively looking for a new Russian tutor to take over from her. Give us a few days and you should start to see more action in Russian.

Any of you Russian members who are interested in tutoring feel free to contact LingQ Support!

By the way Dexter, I just finished a great discussion with Tana. I am also looking for more Russian tutors. If we get more events up there, I hope you will support them.