Russian Conversation

Hi im looking for someone to help me learn russian, maybe have some very basic conversations with. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Я с удовольствием помогу в изучении русского языка, если ты поможешь мне с английским. So I`m looking forward for your answer)))

Why not get both of you tutoring at LingQ. I would show up at Katy’s discussions since I am studying Russian. с удовольствием!!

я тоже Кейти! И мы с Стийвом помогаем вам в изучении английсого языка, если вы хотете.

I would be happy to sign up for group conversations with you all!

Хелен/ Helen.

This may seem a bit strange, but a different verb aspect should be used here:

И мы с Стивом поможем вам в изучении английского языка, если вы захотите.

(un)fortunately I cannot explain why, so I would not :slight_smile:

Looks like I was using the present and you were using the future tense, Vladimir? Because the studying would be happening in the future?


I really your participation at LingQ. You have created content. You are one of our technical problem solvers. Dare I ask if you have time to host discussions at LingQ? We do not have a lot of learners now, but we want to offer more discussions and we think that this will encourage more people to sign up. We will also be promoting more in November and want to make sure we have enough tutors.

Да, Я помогаешь ты с английски. спасибо для твоя помошь.

To killswitch9003 - Some correction if you don’t mind:

Да, я помогу тебе с английским. Спасибо за (твою) помощь.

Могу помочь в изучении русского языка :))


Good afternoon or good morning, everyone!My name is Sergey.I’m from Moscow, Russia. To me of 39 years.I would like to find the foreign friend for dialogue and perfection of my English language.I can help someone with Russian studying.I will be glad to dialogue.
My e-mail:

I’m also learning Russian, and have just signed up. I would be grateful for any help, and would gladly help anyone in need of learning more English.

Excellent!!! I’d like to improve my English with anybody help! And I will glad to help ChimpGod to learn Russian!