Russian conversation slots

I have just upgraded my account to a Plus membership and I can’t wait to start!
I can’t find though any available conversation slots with my tutor. There are not any appeared on the Speaking tab. Only Steve’s are appearing even when I chose the filter to be “All tutors”. Is that because there aren’t any other scheduled yet??
I don’t mind start with Steve if my tutor is on holidays or something like that :slight_smile:


Please bear with us. We will be introducing a lot of new tutors within a week or so. I look forward to talking to you, but I am only a learner. It is better to have a native speaker tutor.

I’m waiting with eager anticipation for Russian conversations too :slight_smile:

Ok thanks a lot! I ll give it some time then. I just thought that I ll be doing the speaking parts with the same tutor which i have chosen.

Hello,I am here.What can I do?I am good at english.But my russian is not well.

Hello. I’m not a teacher. Russian is my mother tongue. But I’d be glad to talk a little bit with somebody who are studing Russian via Skype. We could have a conversation in Russian or English ))) Of course it’s free - just a addition to your basic study.

Hi Rina! You can add me to your Skype contacts if you want to talk with me! I have to say that tutors here are really nice but i would like to meet other people as well :o)