Russian conversation materials between two natives?

Can anyone reccomend any conversations (with transcriptions, audio) between two Russian natives, suitable for an intermediate/low advanced? Either courses on here that I’ve missed or somewhere else that can be imported.

I find content made for natives (Echo Moskvi, Dmitry Puchkov etc) to be either too specific or too advanced, and whilst I find the conversation courses I have found on here between a native and non-native (Steve and Evgeny, for example) very inspiring, I personally find it harder to immerse in and use.

Something like this is perfect, I just need much more of it;


Check out the YT channel “Russian with Max”. He has quite a few all subtitled in English and Russi and I find the videos them very entertaining and relevant for building vocabulary. They are also available here on Lingq:

The earlier ones usually feature Max speaking to the camera but many of the most recent are conversations with her GF. He also has some older videos talking with his brother, a Russian speaking foreign visitor, etc.
He also highlights difficult or important expression on screen.
[Edit] I just realized your example is also from his channel. As I said he has quite a few more conversations. Check the above LIngq course

The RussianLingQ course has several conversations between natives:

I’ve uploaded some documentaries and interviews of russian journalist Yuri Dud’. All of them have millions of views - very popular material.

On the YT channel you can find much more interviews that I could not upload (no subtitles, automatic subtitles or length over 90 minutes).

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отличные материалы, большое спасибо!

Missed those, thanks for the tip!

Thanks for the tip anyway - he seems to be doing more interviews with Yulia and I personally find them more useful than monologues.

Yes, I also love those videos.
Желаю вам успехов. С наступающим!

Sorry, but I do not see anything in the video or channel description that inicates that these videos have been released to the public domain or published with permission to openly copy. So unless I am mistaken, these lessons should not be made public on LingQ. Everyone is free to make their own private lessons from them, but making the lessons public is equivalent to re-publishing, which is a copyright violation.

(Likewise, some of “Russian with Max” videos were pubished with permission to copy, but those are mostly among the earlier videos. Most of them seem to not be availble for re-publishing, so those lessons should be private also.)

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Rumoldo, I don’t think that my Russian conversations with non-native speakers are “harder to immerse in and use”.
Firstly, in these conversations I speak 80% of all text and my partners only 20%. (I have also English and German conversations, in those conversations my native-speaker friends, on the contrary, talk 80% and I only ask them about some topics or details).
Secondly, as a language teacher, I try to speak not very quickly and not to complicate my speech with a lot of slang.
Thirdly, I always try to cover a very wide range of topics in order everyone could find the theme which can be interesting to him or her.
THat’s why I have a lot of conversations about the history, culture, some actual events, some aspects of language study etc. (Разговоры с Евгением, Новый русский подкаст, Этапы развития Советского Союза, Новейшая история России, Путинская Россия, Недельный отчет итд)
But of course, these courses are for the levels Intermediate 2 or advanced 1.
There are also my dialogues for the Intermediate 1 - ПОЛЕЗНЫЕ ДИАЛОГИ and ТЕЛЕФОННЫЕ РАЗГОВОРЫ.