Russian children's songs?

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I was wondering if any Russian speakers/learners could give some links to audio and (preferably) text to any children’s songs in Russian. There is a couple in my community that is going to Siberia to teach English in September, and they want me to learn some of the ones in Russian that they teach in English–which, in turn, I’ll introduce to them! :slight_smile:

They want me to learn them because I know a tiny bit of the language…one song in particular they wanted was “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” I’ve already made multiple Google searches, but can’t seem to find anything solid.

So far, I’ve got “Brother Jacob” and “Happy Birthday.” Kind of suckish right now :wink:

What songs would be easy for two middle-aged Americans who’ve never studied Russian to learn, that adult English learners in Russia will quickly recognize?

Thank you so much for all replies!! Really, it’s greatly appreciated!

Text + free mp3s

Thanks :slight_smile: