Rules of writting and reading


Actually in many languages there is a big difference between way of speaking and way of writing. For me for example is very hard to learn French cause way of speaking and way of writing the same word is completely understandable. Where can I find such rules? Maybe it will be good to add something like that in lingq? Or maybe I just can’t find them?

I’m not sure I’m following you. Are you saying:
1 you don’t understand how words should be pronounced?
2 you don’t know why the words are spelled that way?
3 something else?

I thought he meant that there is often a difference between literary and spoken language, and this difference is often difficult to appreciate as a learner. But reading it again, it could be a reference to spelling.

What about using Google " French spelling rules " and French"pronunciation rules" or even “difference between French spelling and pronunciation”?

I would advise you to listen, listen, listen and read to the beginners’ material in the French library here, the difference between spelling and pronunciation will become clearer to you.

As in any other language, written French tends to be more formal (and literary French still uses the famous Passé Simple, just another verb form for you to learn if you are interested).

roan is right. Subject of this topic: “Rules of writing and reading”. For example in German you have characters ‘t’, ‘s’, ‘c’, ‘h’. but there are some rules about pronouncing and writing: you read these characters one way (each characters defines one sound) when they are separated and differently ‘ch’, ‘sch’ and ‘tsch’ (now we have tree other completely different and single sounds - single cause for example in ‘tsch’ you have 4 letters/characters but you pronounce one sound). It was very easy to learn German for me cause I know these rules but I don’t know them in French. I can hear pronunciation with lingq but knowing these rules would be very useful for me.

I can also google of course but it is hard to find anything for beginner level. :slight_smile: It would be very nice to have something like that somewhere in lingq cause we already have a some readings where we can also hear how it should be pronounciated.

I’m also suffering a little because at beggining level I have only single words translation. Often single word have many meanings and if on such sentence there are a few such words and I don’t understand a word from this sentence it is sometimes very hard for a begginer to find what is the meaning of this sentence even if have dictionary translation of each word.

You may already know it, but I’ll suggest it, just in case you were not aware that you can highlight a whole section, not just one individual word. Lots of people here save whole phrases. Learning in context becomes easier this way.