Ruby text in Chinese and Japanese lessons


I was thinking about ways of improving the Chinese and Japanese parts of LingQ concerning the display of text. Instead of having a hiragana only version of the text, a version of a the kanji text can be used with ruby characters (i.e furigana).

Unfortunately, the W3C consortium (the fine folks that define how X/HTML works for our web browsers) have only recently released the XHTML standard with ruby text, meaning that Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari/Konqueror and Firefox haven’t yet implemented it. However, there is an avant-garde firefox extension that implements it, and it does work on the given W3C standard. The hiragana reading materials can be edited with kanji using the ruby markup, and users with the extension can make good use of it, until firefox and internet explorer update to the newest standard.

The ruby markup guide and standard:

Firefox add-on:

It works pretty well on my computer. Would this be a good improvement?

This sounds like and intriguing way of dealing with this issue. We will definitely look into it when we go to fix the Asian languages. Thanks for the suggestion.