RTP Portuguese - FALAMOS PORTUGUÊS programs

Could someone tell me how to access the earlier programs from RTP called “Falamos Portugues”?
The University of Alberta which apparently created the programs has a site with the text, but the links to the videos are broken. RTP has some archived videos, but I can find no organization to them, only a few dates, no titles, no text, no idea of what goes where. When I go to the RTP site, I have no idea what I am looking at.
These appear to be excellent, continental Portuguese lessons, but I would like to follow it from the beginning of the series.
Can anyone help with this.

Try this link: http://www.rtp.pt/multimedia/progVideo.php?tvprog=21516&idpod=

There is a break between “=” and “21516”. Copy the link and cut the break then it’ll be OK.