RSS functionality

It would make checking for new updates so much more quick and easy. Already subscribed to Steve’s blog & youtube channel trough RSS so whenever there’s a new update I see it in my reader immediately.

Searched trough forums and found RSS on forums announced… ONE YEAR ago as a NEW improvement! Man, that’s like announcing Color TV. :confused:

Ooops it seems like it’s enabled but only for individual threads.

Subscribing to every individual thread when it appears on the forum seems pointless though.

You can’t subscribe for forum updates by RSS but you can receive email updates. We would love to have RSS updates for the forum and for a few other things on the site but RSS feeds, like all improvements, take time to implement. It’s not that it’s rocket science but it takes time which is currently required by other things. You can subscribe to forums instead of individual threads.

Thanks for the comment!

you can subscribe to forums instead of individual threads.
how does it work though? The orange icon in the address bar takes me to a feed but only if I’m in a thread. When I’m looking at the thread list the icon is not there. :frowning: Tried fiddling with the url but didn’t get it working.

I know you guys are busy and sorry if I sounded a bit nasty. Nice there’s an option to get updates trough email.

Anyway Merry Christmas!

omaemona, do you see a little checkbox and a “Watch Thread” phrase below the title of the thread and about user’s posts? That is what you are looking for. It work with forum too.

Thanks flexaj. The orange rss box you see is part of your browser and not part of LingQ. There is no RSS feed from our site.

so the xml file at the icon indicates is a part of my browser not part of lingq forums… Every day I find out something new. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well thanks guys anyway.