RSS feed

Earlier on today I tried to explain, in a different thread, how to download collections. I found the location of the RSS button in the end.

A couple of things strike me: given that the content can be easily distributed to non-LingQers, aren’t you doing yourself out of business?

And how are the content providers protected? Some of their contributions may not be meant for a wider public. I can imagine that certain content has only been allowed to be used on LingQ because of the sites ‘learning community’ status. Do all providers have to agree to their material being available through RSS?

I have been thinking to ask my son for some of his scripts and recordings (which are copyright) for the English library, but fear that he wouldn’t allow me to share items if they were distributed via RSS.


All of the content is available to anyone for download and distribution. Most of our users are free members. Having a lot of free resources available is a way of getting the word out about LingQ. Some of these users do eventually recognize the benefit of the full LingQ package.

I am not sure how the RSS feed changes things. In fact I am not sure how it works. Mark will be traveling for a few days and I am sure he will answer when he has a chance. I would like to hear from others on this. We are a small community here and we only want to do what is in the best interest of the community.

Thank you for your quick response. I see you are back in full swing. I have been meaning to provide some English content for a while now and my son’s material is well produced. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The RSS feed really shouldn’t affect things. The feed is really only there so that members can subscribe to their favourite collections. Content providers have to submit their own RSS feeds to iTunes in order to have their collections available in iTunes. Obviously, if you don’t want to make your content public, don’t post it to iTunes. Also, make sure to tick the “Don’t show this lesson at” box in the Advanced Settings area of the Lesson creation page.

Thank you, much clearer already. In other words, the legality of content specifically cleared for LingQ use is not affected by the RSS feed possibility? I’m simply concerned about violating copyright by mistake. Some authors might take exception to their work being shared outside

I forgot to ask about the allocation of points to the providers: does that still work through the RSS feed?

The RSS feed is not related to the points. All it does is allow you to easily download the audio files. You still need to take the lesson from the Library to study it and that is when it is counted as a use for the points distribution.