RSS feed of a collection does not contain all its items

RSS feed of this collection:
Interesting Thing of the Day (Interesting Thing of the Day)
does not contain all the lessons. Since I prefer to upload podcasts to my player in groups of 20-30, with this collection I need to download lessons one by one. This is not convenient.

Is it possible to download lesson texts in batch? I like to make large documents containing texts of 10-20 podcasts and then view them with my PDA while away from home. Making these files is time-consuming, because I need to open print version of each text in browser separately, copy it, close the tab, open next, etc.

  1. We will check into why all episodes are not appearing in that RSS feed. They certainly should be.
  2. It is not possible to batch download lessons and is not something we are likely to do anytime soon.

Hi Dmitry,

We realized that the reason these lessons weren’t showing up on the RSS feed is that they were set to not be shown on, meaning they are only visible from LingQ. The RSS feeds are accessible from outside LingQ, so the owner of this content opted to not have it publicly visible.

It’s rare that this box will be checked, but in the cases that it is we want to make sure we honor the content provider’s decisions.