RSS Feed MP3 tag info


When you subscribe to a lesson via RSS the mp3s you get are all nicely tagged and organized. It’s a good feature. However, could it be augmented to paste the lesson text field into the id3 tag “lyrics” field? That way the RSS’ed podcasts will have the lesson text with it – although it won’t be lingq’ed, and you won’t be able to do word lookups, sometimes it’s nice to be able to read along and listen and not worry about specific vocabulary.


Sorry, one more feature I just realized: My personal email is embedded in the RSS information – is there a way to prevent that from occurring? It’s in the following format:

[other rss info…]

[more rss info…]

@gyorai - Thanks for your feedback. We’ve had requests for this in the past, but it actually requires that we manually process each audio file and edit the id3 tags for each file. In addition, each time the audio text is adjusted we would have to reprocess the audio file. Because of the significant amount of resources this would consume it isn’t something we’re yet looking to do.

Regarding the RSS, here’s some information from a guide that explains why this is there:
“Type itunes:emailyour email </itunes:email>, where your email is the address where you would like Apple to contact you if they have any trouble with your podcast or any news to relate.”