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34 Huahua & Wolf - Drinking Alcohol »

Flower of the amount of alcohol you how like?

The general capacity for liquor bar, you can drink a little, but not quite drink.

In my impression, the general said that such things are very drink to.

Oh, how should that kind of words has nothing to do, but I think, can we drink is one thing; on the other hand will not drink.

What is meant by will drink it?

That is, in fact, a different wine you drink will have to see your products. That really would be drinking at all with the energy and people are two concepts.


That is, people will be drinking a lot, he does not drink wine, but every time he Heyikoujiu, he untreated wood, and look, he knows the quality of this wine. Then you from his face you could see it in people who do not know how to wine tasting.

Because there is a lot of people together to drink, are, I think it is very fierce and the kind of drink. Is to your Pinjiu.


Because, for instance, I drank five cups, and you drink five cups. Otherwise, you are not loyalty.


Of course, there are differences from person to person. Although he some people enough loyalty, but his body is unable to accept so much alcohol. So this way, in the wine market may be at a disadvantage would be a lot more.

En. Now many people talk about the work of ah, ah business meetings, or gathering, they will each Tuibeihuanzhan. That we may be as many people will go to drink Taikoudakou. Sometimes just for show, or a test of the kind of tolerance of all parties Ye Hao, volume Yehao, but it is actually not a very healthy way, it is not a very good for the body, such a choice.

Yes ah, therefore, it has been for me (it) has a great confusion. For example, ordinary and classmates and friends went out for dinner, a few people together, sometimes inevitably drink a little wine. You drank, others began to ask you to drink more. I think this may be due to them for their knowledge of different wine bar. May be the other side is that you need to drink, you need to drink, even if your body’s acceptance of these alcoholic drinks are not special, you have to drink. Because it is a duty, just like before, in ancient times, several people cut their own fingers, and then let a little blood come out, just to prove that they are sworn brothers, or that the relations are very close. That is a kind of ritual.

Is called the “suck the blood for the Union.”

Yes, suck blood for the Union.

That fact, say to drink, I think that really the kind of mug mug and he knows people who drink wine in a culture. He is not able to truly realize that wine sometimes, not should be used to Taikoudakou drink, but rather slowly to fine goods.

I think it is better and different understanding of each (relevant). There may be some people that he felt, I was liberated, I do not like the wine little by little, I was drinking like Taikoutaikou. I also hope you will like me, forthright, you can Taikoudakou drinking.


However, others will feel that big mouth of the drinking, the first is not conducive to health; Second, this also proves that what is not; and third, you have to eat peaches but the same as The Pig, or bad taste that may not know specifically how kind.

In fact, I know some of my friends, they are … … might not be able to drink, but they are good tasting. Then they taught me a lot. For example, like drinking a different wine, use a different cup, and then use a different posture to the product. Then drink a particular wine needs time to heat, or a particular need for low-temperature wine. He will be divided into very thin. Then tasting, you should have what kind of a position, to be equipped with what kind of food and wine. There will be lots and lots of stress.

It has become a hobby of the bar. A … …

Yes, or a kind of … …

And even (can) is an art.

Yes, a kind of taste.

Yes. Like a lot of people might like to drink tea. That is, must use what the cup, because, with the … … For example, ceramic and glass materials together purple taste is not the same. Moreover, the feeling of drinking tea is not the same. I think that these people may have been very concerned about these things.

En. That fact, for the Chinese, the Chinese are the two drink wine, one is we are talking about spirits of wine, such as white wine.


There is a rice wine.

I think people who do not drink too much yellow.

Comparing the South drink rice wine. There are rice wine.

I think that may have been (in) some people may used to like the wine.

Is a relatively strong local. (A) the kind of place he would be going to drink these wines.
Then, the second is that we will drink beer. Beer should be the greatest. Everywhere has its own brewed beer.

Yes, I think the most popular of the two kinds of wine, one is white wine, then that is beer.

En. A lot of friends all know that China is the most famous Double pot. Very, very famous. Because this wine is very staunch. You drink the whole body will feel a very warm feeling.

Possible for many people, cheered Erguotou to still very immensely. But I do not get to drink for people who Erguotou is simply, as the same medicine.

哈哈. However, I could suggest that you drink a little, you can drink a small amount of red wine a little. You can drink a small amount of a little red wine. Generally speaking, many people are not suitable for drinking his physique. For example, the enzymes inside your body is not enough, then you can not break down this alcohol, then you can drink a small amount of red wine a day. Or from time to time you drink a little red wine. For the person’s blood pressure, as well as all aspects (body) is a good thing. But can not drink. Any wine like this. Should not drink. Including (You say you drink) white wine, white wine will be drunk, the Shang Wei. Then … … For example, you drink beer. After drink beer, you will bulging belly, you will have some adverse reactions. Similarly, the red wine is the same. All the wine that it is wine, which contain alcohol, drink more than you would of alcoholism. Would be detrimental to the body.

Yes ah. However, the problem is that I never drink, my problem is that in a lot of entertainment for occasions not to drink alcohol.

If we are to say this was the case, I think you should be able to … … I can not drink, then I do not drink. Simply to drink. If you drink, then people will say, Oh, you Zhuangsuan. You this a false elements. You can drink, you can drink, but you do not drink. In that case is that I do not drink. I simply do not drink.

Yes, I also found this. If you have been insisting not drink, others may not be so concerned about you.


But if you drank, then people will say, you drink a little, too little, you have to drink.

Right right right. For example, you and I drank a glass, and then another person would say, you tell her to drink, why not drink with me? You can also talk to me to drink one, how come you are not really good friends like. Sometimes the Chinese people are very stresses “drinking bowl, big mouth and eat meat.” The amount of alcohol then you decide (a) your tolerance, is not a person on the scene.

Yes. Appears in history, alcohol seems to the sum of those heroes of this thing together. The sum of the kind of justice, the kind of loyalty linked. For example, “Wu Song Killing the Tiger” in Wu Song ah, he was drunk, then killed the tiger.

“However, three bowls of Kong.”

There are like “Romance of Three Kingdoms”, “Three Kingdoms” inside the Zhang Fei and Guan Yu ah these are the inability to drink a very good person. You can not drink, then it is difficult to you as a hero. That feeling.

Or, men, in the definition of a lot of people, men should be very God of Yao, it can go to drink, Qupin inability to drink, to make their own in this scene on the very location of the kind of feeling. Then … … people say that this “tasting Heroes” also should have this truth. That is, people drank, the will feel that people are very forthright. Or that the people who do not pay attention to, is not a duty, is not very open-minded. From the wine on the table will look at this person.

So I think this tradition of these cultures, these practices, the impact on the people today are still very large.

Well, this should be regarded as a wine of this cultural heritage.

Yes. However, the problem is, I found a lot of people now, in the wine on the table great sense of obligation to people, but it is because, for instance, worry ah going to drink some wine. I think this thing is also not unusual.

Then we have say, that is, “Jiejiuxiaochou worry even more unhappy.”

Yes. “Choudao the flow of water.”

Then, in fact, sometimes the feelings of drinking points, for example, you feel very good friends with everyone, I am pleased that the state, then you drink, it may not drunk. But if you feel very bad, maybe just drank some wine, it had “liquor does not intoxicate” the.

Of course, we just said that sentence poems, is the Tang Dynasty (Southern Tang) is an emperor’s poem. He is a very unhappy day, because he needed to subjugation, and his country to be invaded by foreign rights. So he loved to drink. So, It would appear that the role of wine is still very large. Together with proof of loyalty and can prove that you have enough men, but also can be used to resolve their own emotions. This may also … … I think this may be why so many people like to drink one of the reasons.

Also been added to … … In fact, I do not know if you have found that the majority do so in official circles, or sitting on the table wines are men. Sometimes … … Men often do not like the kind of harsh, unpleasant to reveal, to speak out, that he was only with (drinking) wine the opportunity to … … we can say that an ulterior motive. That he went to respite his mental depression, and then go to resolve this thing.

Yes, this situation still exist, I think a lot of.

En. So, could this thing alcohol is not a good thing, but sometimes, it may give a psychological relief, still at stake.

Yes ah, I think, alcohol is certainly not a good thing. I think that may just be a bar necessities. As we failed to find a better alternative before, you may still have wine for a long time to exist. Many people still choose wine to resolve the depression; or to get together with … …; Alternatively, the communication field of entertainment … … all still need wine.


For me is a very good news.

Hehe. But I feel a little drink less, drink less, or sometimes a little can.

So, probably many times we do not need it really as a wine to drink, wine is used as a taste into the kind of thing. This drink would be much better if possible. Also more in line with the standard health bar. Course, for those like me who can not drink it, there will be a lot to alleviate the burden.