Rose notification mail bug

I received some roses.

There is always a link in the email:

“Click on this link to see the post,…”

But I only see the “Oops” error page.

I’ve reported this problem too. I guess it happens when people give a rose and then delete the message on there wall.

@u 50623

This are “private” roses with a private text.

the option “privat” or “öffentlich” is not working.

Alex told me he had solved the problem, but I see, it is still not working.
It depends on which profile you put the message.


we need your help for private Message!!


Thanks, jolanda! That looks like the issue. We will try and get that fixed. If you share a lesson privately it sends the notification but the page can only be seen by the person who shared the lesson and the person they shared the lesson with. We will change this so that a rose is no longer given for privately shared lessons and no notification will be sent to the creator. The purpose of sharing lessons and giving roses is for indicating popularity publicly. Once, members are sharing links privately roses should not be awarded.

Mark, I got these notifications for public lessons! I have a notification on my learning page too in these cases and from there I can open the lesson, but not the wall post.

Vera, the lessons are public but people are sharing them and choosing “Private” as the post visibility. Therefore, they do not want others to see they are sharing the lesson for some reason. Therefore, the only person who should be notified is the person who the lesson is shared with.

I would like to make a private message to a shared lesson. And this is not possible.

the provider can not open the message! He or she get only a rose without text and without name.


@jolanda - I assume you want to give a lesson a rose and make a private comment to the provider. The purpose of the Share button is really to share the lesson with others and to give it a rose to show others it is popular. It is really not about making private comments. As you can see, having the option to share lessons privately causes a lot of problems technically… We will think about what the best thing to do here is but i suspect we will remove the ability to share privately.

can I write a private message on a wall ? or not?


@jolanda - You can write a private message on a wall. It is just when you are sharing a lesson that making that post private causes problems.

good to know ! Thanks!

j:-) :wink: