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Some weeks ago I started to study Romanian almost by accident: I had decided to learn another romance language and the main candidate was Catalan, but, since we still don’t have it here at LingQ, I picked Romanian because I always liked Romanian music.

Now I’m extremelly excited with the language and with everything I’ve learned about this country in the last few days - specially in terms history, literature and music.

Does anyone here speak romanian? Could you recommend me interesting podcasts, Youtube Videos etc.?

Apart from LingQ Materials, I’ve been watching the Easy Language serie about Romania (like this: What Romanians think about freedom | Easy Romanian 4 - YouTube), but they don’t have so many episodes, so I’d like to find another channels. I’m more interested on the subjects I mentioned before (music, literature and History), but it could be anything related to Romania - food, contemporary politics, touristic places, TV Shows etc.

Thanks in advance!

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I found this website by searching the threads with the word Romanian. The website is from an old thread posted by Romnik. There are about 40-50 entries, around 5 minutes long “news podcasts” by the looks of it.

SBS Romanian - SBS in limba romana

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Very kind of you. Thanks!

I gathered from you post that you are looking specifically for videos but I’d thought I mention this website even if it only has articles. I haven’t delved deep into this website yet but they seem to have articles on all types of things.