Romanian: Great place to buy books (in the UK)

Hi all!

This probably won’t be of interest to many, since Romanian is quite a niche language to learn, but I’m learning Romanian and I absolutely love reading, so was extremely happy when I found these sites to purchase Romanian books in the UK!
Hopefully someone enjoys this find as much as I have! :slight_smile:


Hi there,

I have an odd request - I wonder if you can help! My son is getting married next month in Romania. We’re from the UK, but his fiance is Romanian.

I’ll be giving a ‘father of the groom’ speech at the wedding, and I’m concious of the fact that my speech will all be in English (I don’t speak Romanian at all). So I thought of adding a greeting at the start, “Salut!”, etc. and maybe “multumesc” at the end.

However, there is a sentence that I would like to try saying in Romanian - I hope it will get a laugh :slight_smile:

I went to Google Translate (Google) and translated the sentence. Below is what I’d like to say in English and the Romanian translation:

  • English: “I’m really sorry, but you’ll have to get used to that!”
  • Romania: “Îmi pare foarte rău, va trebui să se obișnuiască cu faptul că!”

The problem is, I don’t think Google Translate pronounces the words properly (or I can’t hear them properly).

Would it be possible for you, (or someone else on this forum) to record that sentence for me in Romanian? and maybe email the recording to me, or put it on Dropbox/Google Drive, etc. so that I can hear properly how it should be pronounced?

Sorry I know know it’s an odd request - and if you can’t do it, no problem! Just thought I’d ask :slight_smile:



Hi RodC, I think the original poster is an English native speaker and not Romanian. If you buy some points on LingQ, you can post any text that you want in the ‘Exchange’ section and someone will record the audio for you in exchange for some points.

Is that an option for the beta languages?

Ohhhh - I see. Please accept my apologies - I didn’t realise this is how the site worked - I basically just stumbled across this forum while I was Googling to try and find some pointers, and just posted my request.

Anyhow - I’ll have a closer look at how the site works and will purchase some points as you suggest :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the helpful hints!


Good point. It seems to be an option for Romanian.

Unfortunately I am a native English speaker only :), but best of luck with your search! If you post your request on the main forum page, you may be more successful!

Can you point me in the direction of these ‘beta languages’, please?

No worries - thanks for getting back Romnik. I’ll buy some points and will post in another area on the site :slight_smile:

What specifically do you mean? If you want to study Romanian on LingQ,then you can select the language by clicking on the drop down menu at the top right of the website (where you see a flag and a number). Romanian is in the section marked ‘Beta Languages’. It should work well, but there is not very much learning content in the library.

If you want to post audio to be read, you can click on ‘Exchange’ at the top left and there you can do it. I am not sure how many Romanians are on the website that would actually do it for you though. It is always a question of how popular the language is. You might want to consider that before buying points.

Hi RodC,

Romanian is my second native language so there’s some credibility right upfront from my part :smiley:
The “îmi pare foarte rãu” is good but for “va trebui sã se obișnuiască cu faptul că” you have to add something after “cã” otherwise people might not understand what you mean, because it actually means that “he has to get used that…”. Do u want to say that he has to get used to the marriage or something alike?


Hi Turnipbag! thanks for replying!

Yes it’s a kind of a joke. You see, my son does this terrible American accent when he’s joking about - and we all make fun of him about it (in a nice way). So in part of my speech I wanted to say to the bride’s parents (in a jokey way):

“…and Mr. and Mrs. x - please accept my apologies on my son’s behalf for his terrible American accent - in fact, I’m really sorry, but I think you’ll just have to get used to it!”

And then, I was going to say that part in Romanian - which I thought might get a laugh from the Romanians in the room. Does that make sense?

(I changed the wording slightly, and Google translate now sees it as “Îmi pare foarte rău , dar cred că va trebui doar să te obișnuiești cu el !”)

I’m just in the planning stages for the speech as I still have around 6 weeks to go. I’m wondering if I’m just trying to be a bit too ambitious, though since I have zero Romanian in my vocabulary :slight_smile:

That is actually very good!

So Turnipbag, if I bought some points, and put a request for an audio recording up on the Exchange, would you be willing to record that phrase for me?

No pressure, though! If you’re not able to do it, or don’t have the means to record it, it’s no problem. I’m just fishing at the moment :slight_smile:

you dont need points. ill be happy to do that for u. I will see if I can and ill send it perhaps. but no promises :slight_smile:
could you provide me with an email address?

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As long as this is OK by Lingq forum rules… And only do this if you have the time, etc. I really appreciate it!! You have a private message :slight_smile: