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There is very few beginner 1 content for the Romanian language, I am still beginner 1. and already I am through all the available content. Does anyone know good sites, where I can get free easy content? I searched in the old videos and in the forum already, but I could not find any.

I even tried beginner 2 content, but unfortunately the dictionaries seem to be very bad for this language, and I could not understand any of the harder texts.

I went from what we have to Radio Romania. Mostly rely on google translate as dictionary. Did fine. Can read books now with not too much difficulty. Good luck.


Go to Descrierea proiectului - Vorbiti Romaneste

Click on •Manual de initiere in limba romana si de orientare culturala pentru straini (pdf)

This will give you the textbook that the LingQ “Romaneste” course is based on. There is A LOT of material!!

There is also good, free stuff at:

But my advice is to listen to Patterns a lot, and start Listening Reading something like Harry Potter. Then slowly start filling in the missing chunks of grammar.

There is also LOTS of good stuff to LR (audio with transcripts) at Radio Free Europe’s Moldova site. The written Romanian is standard but the speakers have Moldovan accents. Most have fairly “light” accents, but some are fairly heavy.

Thanks for the links, I found the radio too, but I can see texts or audio, but no transcripts. Where can I find those? I searched the content, but still nothing.

Ok I guess I should have a look then if amazon offers Harry Potter or similar stuff in Romanian, before I find myself a homepage that is selling Romanian books or DVDs. That’s the good thing about the internet, you find everything in any possible language :wink:

The Radio Free Europe site is not easy to navigate at first but you will soon find your way around.

Go to Europa Liberă la week-end, - Europa Liberă Moldova

I really like any of the entries with Jurnal săptămânal in the description, for example Pentru ce mai am ochi şi gât?

Clicking that link will take you to a paragraph or two about each day (M-F) in the author’s week with a link to the audio which is easily downloaded as MP3. You can copy the text to a Word document.

The speakers at Radio Free Europe speak MUCH faster than the Harry Potter audio book.
Also, some of the texts at Radio Free Europe are written without diacritics, so I avoid those. There is plenty of material with diacritics.


Thanks for the link, works fine, and finally I found the audio. I always thought I had to use the black button on the right above the text, and have not seen this other audiofile before. When you know what to look for it is easy.

Pete I have no clue what diacritics are, and I do not own any audio book in Romanian.

Can you tell me where to receive material with diacritics then? And could you please tell me, where I can buy Harry Potter and other (audio)books , maybe some DVDs as well in Romanian, because I only found a few ebooks on amazon, but there is not much variety, when it comes to rare languages.

Diacritics means the special Romanian letters like ș, ț, ă, î, â, et cetera. Romanians sometimes get lazy and don’t use them when typing. If your Romanian is VERY good, you subconciously put these marks in without realizing it, for example, if I read " el vorbeste" I have no problem but when you are just starting, it is MUCH better to read “El vorbește”.

I got Harry Potter in a bookstore when I was in Moldova, but searching the Internet will find various ways to get the book/audiobook both legally and also the other way.

My point about the speed at which the material is read at Radio Free Europe was in order to prevent you from being discouraged by Harry Potter. The Harry Potter reader speaks more slowly (but not TOO slowly) and has a very standard accent. At Radio Free Europe they speak Romanian very quickly with accents ranging from “hint of Moldovan” to “is that Romanian?” and everything in between.

I must say that our Who is She, Eating Out, and the Pattern lessons all have translations and are not really that difficult. There is enough just there to keep you busy at first. Then you have all this additional material recommended by Pete. Should be enough to get you to the stage where you can access authentic material in a few months. Good luck.

@Safran: here is the definition of diacritics from the Oxford dictionary: “a sign, such as an accent or cedilla, which when written above or below a letter indicates a difference in pronunciation from the same letter when unmarked or differently marked.” Most languages have some, not only Romanian. Other examples: ą, ë, ê, ł, ö, ø, etc.

thx for all your explanations and links.

I just recently noticed I could display content by course, because in the search I could neither find who is she nor eating out. But now everything is visible, and I will go through those stories first, and then have a look at the other contents. I enjoy Romanian very much, it is a beautiful language, and I am looking forward to authentic material. Unfortunately I only could find one Romanian shop online, and I am not sure that it is one I can buy from. I cannot go to Moldovia, therefore I have buy my material on the internet, because I highly doubt we have any Romanian shops here in our neighbourhood.

@Mikebond Yes, of course other languages have diacritics like umlauts and the tilde that should be over the n in Spanish senor, but we were talking about Romanian so I was a little careless in my explanation of diacritics. My answer was Romanian specific. :slight_smile:

Of course, Pete, I didn’t mean to correct you, but only to give a few more details. :slight_smile: