Romanian content

We will try to load the remaining 23 epsodes of Who is She this week.

I would appreciate some feedback on content loaded so far.

If more Romanian native speakers are willing and able to create content that would be great.

I have had some of the podcasts from Radio Romania transcribed. These cannot be shared in the library. If someone is interested, however, please let me know and I will send them by email. Tim, I have your email address, but would prefer to send this to all those interested in one email with the files attached.

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Steve, I will try to find the time to look at the content you shared. I would be interested in reading/listening to your Radio Romania lessons, thanks.

Mike, I will only send the transcripts. You will have to look for the corresponding podcasts on the site.

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Ok, that’s fine. Where did you find Romanian people to write/transcribe/record texts for LingQ?

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I found them on eLance and paid them.

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Thanks for the information, Steve. That website looks useful, I will have a closer look.

BTW, the sound file for lesson #3, “Eating Out”, was wrong. I have now fixed it. Sorry.