Sometimes I get some troubble reading those japanese letters (kanji, hiagana, katakana). How can I find the romaji version of all those lessons?I couldnt find the version for that one.

Arigatou gozaimasu

You have to convert Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana to Romaji yourself, with the Romaji Translator at :

But it’s better to learn Hiragana & Katakana first and avoid Romaji.

hai, arigatou!
I have another question. I am trying to understand these phrase word by word so I can learn how to to write in japanese, but I am having some difficulties.

1ねんかん 、この だいがく で に ほん ご の べんきょう を し ます 。
Itinenkan, kono daigaku de nihon go no benki you wo shi masu.

Can someone help??

Thanks a lot!

1ねんかん 、この だいがく で に ほん ご の べんきょう を し ます 。

Ichi (one) nen (year) kan (period), kono (this) daigaku (university) de (at) nihongo (Japanese) no (of) benkyou (study) wo (object marker) shimasu ([polite] do)

I will study Japanese at this university for one year.

Note that ‘no’ works in the opposite direction to English ‘of’. Nihongo no benkyo = study of Japanese.