Ripetition and incantation in music compositions

To repeat a musical motiv a lot of time create a feeling enchantment. So we can find the repetition of the same melody into a lot of songs : religious rites, nursey rhyme, popular melodies in our or distant culture. Infact the music artists use it to meet their deep needs because everythink in our life is marked by regolar cycles like minutes, hours, days, months, seasons, years…Sometime this rigid organization makes us feels prisoners. This is demonstred when, on holiday, we refuse to look at the clock…we want be free and not prisoners of the running time.The contemporary composers rebel against these chains of the time and use the means al their disposal: rhythmic irregularities, atonal melodies, new instrumental use. No more sequence, no more usual reference, no more sense of time. It is the same for abstract paintings that make us lose the sense of the space