Rikaichan for German?

I’m using a Firefox plugin called Rikaichan for reading Japanese. When I activate it, and hover my mouse over a Japanese word, it displays a translation of the word (it basically looks it up in a dictionary). This is really crucial with Japanese, because there are thousands of characters and their reading (pronunciation) may vary depending on specific use.

There’s obviously no such issue in German, but there’s another thing that Rikaichan does, that I find missing in my German reading - it gives me the root of the word. If it’s a verb, I get something like the following [verb in dictionary form] → potential → negative → past tense

I could really use something like this in German. When I create LingQs, I usually go with the most popular hints, unless for some reason I doubt they are correct. But the hints usually don’t mention what the root or basic form of the word is, let alone what form it’s currently in. I can always look up the word in an online dictionary, but that takes a long time. One of the core principles of this site and method is to minimize the time spent searching in dictionaries, and maximize the time spent reading.

So I’d like to ask, has anyone come across a Firefox (or Chrome) plugin that will give you dictionary definitions (and ideally grammar info) when you hover your mouse over a German word?

I don’t know any software that corresponds to what you are asking for. For German, if you continuue to learn, you will soon learn to recognise the root of almost all words just by glancing at them. I don’t think I ever have a problem knowing the dictionary form of a word based on the conjugated/declined form.

Yes, but it is German-Chinese translation.