"right up your alley"是什么意思?

今天学到的一课中,有个right up your alley.是什么意思?中文中有个“误入歧途”,是不是与right up your alley 意思相关?

真适合你的兴趣, 还是爱好, 还是专门知识等等。

right up your alley = 特过瘾

I mean,unless all you want to be able to do is point at a picture of an apple and say “apple”!Then this type of english language is excellent,perfect.Right up your alley.

"It suits you. It is what you need, what you want, what you like. "

You have to use a little imagination, shuijingzhiyue, often the dictionary definition or translation of a word or phrase will not suit the context exactly. And even if it is a little vague, it is best to just move on.

“正好是你所需要的, 所喜欢的”

shuijingzhiyue 你必得用你的想像力。任何翻译不会是百分之百恰当的。