Richard Simcott - New Polyglot Video

Here’s a new awesome video from Richard filmed during his recent trip to Montreal:

Thanks a lot for the link JayB. I really enjoyed the video - like always.


You’re welcome :wink:

(BTW I think it would be great if you could post a conversation with Richard some time.)

Richard’s Spanish is just surreal…


Yeah, and his French and Portuguese aren’t bad either!

(His Italian is a tiny notch lower - just to show that he is human!)

A delight to listen to.

BTW Steve, has the Canadian TV show about polyglots that you were involved with been broadcast yet?

If so, can it be viewed online?

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They’re talking a bit about languages, and the other fellow talks about his work as a professor and life in Canada, his family’s heritage, etc.

Why don’t we get people speaking multiple slavic or Indian or African languages? Actually we see quite a bit of multiple Germanic language videos. Steve and Luca spoke in English, German, and Swedish. Fasulye and Richard have a video with several Germanic languages, I believe. People learn romance languages because there are many native speakers of these countries (and for the natives of these countries, it is easy to learn the others).

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